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A highly effective Campaigning Of your Product

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:56 pm    Post subject: A highly effective Campaigning Of your Product Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:38 pm    Post subject: TaylorMade's newest SLDR Fairway wood Reply with quote

TaylorMade's newest SLDR Fairway wood (

As years go by it is now clear that this is a technology in which cheap golf clubs australia has bought all the way into across their lines, but rather than settling with it, they are continuing to evolve and improve it. Anyone who has seen the previous models will instantly recognize the difference in the Speed-Pocket within the SLDR.

Now with the release of the TaylorMade SLDR Driver they have gone back to an even more traditional looking club design strategy. I have been lucky enough to do the last few reviews of the TaylorMade drivers and I can freely admit that I started out hating the white drivers, but after a while I have started to like the confident feeling you get from the white driver. I thought when I first saw pictures of the grey more standard looking SLDR driver that I did not like it.

As has been seen with the SLDR driver, the movement of the CG more forward and lower in the head does indeed affect spin rates and ball speeds on well struck shots, but it can also have a tendency to accentuate misses in both distance and direction. Entering the review similar results were expected out of the 3-wood; however they were definitely not seen in the same amount.

I believe much of this talk was regarding the lower more penetrating ball flight that this driver provides. It does have what many would call a low boring trajectory compared to other driver with similar lofts. So the claim by TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ irons that this driver gives a lower launch with higher lofts has some degree of merit. I am a pretty high ball hitter so I found myself adjusting the loft sleeve to lower lofts even it had the lower trajectory. I would probably recommend to most golfers that they take the advice from TaylorMade and get a higher loft than they would normally get.

The toe of the club has a large TaylorMade logo done in the light gray that most of the other lettering is done in. The heel has the loft indicated in the same light gray as well. The loft sleeve for the stock shaft is similar to the sleeve for the TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ drivers. The shaft is done in the light gray and blue colors and is very nice design. As with the rest of the club the shaft is made to not stand out as TaylorMade has done in the past with some of the other shafts.

From a playability standpoint with a fairway wood it is always important to take a look at the club off of the tee, off of the deck, and the ability to work the golf ball with it. Off of the tee the SLDR fairway wood shines, as provides a ball flight and range of accuracy that would make it a useful tool for many in that area of their game. Off of the grass is where the loft on the SLDR comes into play the most. The club itself is effective through impact with its build, despite not having any type of rails, but the low spin nature will certainly influence the type of ball-flight the user sees.

Frankly, the results seem to back that quite often, and with the TaylorMade SLDR Fairway Wood the Speed-Pocket combined with the lower CG has made for a very interesting club. In all, the SLDR Fairway is most definitely at least worth a try for those looking for a change in their bag.
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