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Interpret the strategic meaning behind the dongfeng "an

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:50 am    Post subject: Interpret the strategic meaning behind the dongfeng "an Reply with quote

If faw "red flag" is a special political symbol, then, the east wind "double swallow" represents a national life ideal. Make the Chinese people, it is the east wind direction in the future.
Although still faces with independent brand of dongfeng brand started late, and the problem of small sales base, but more than 40 years of experience in building cars, and more than 20 years experience in joint venture cooperation, the east wind has profound cultural accumulation, and the accumulation of a large number of resources, talents, technology, make the east wind auto parts has power to offer as Italy's fiat people own a car, let the "double swallow" fly higher and further.
Brand identity --
Flying off the "double swallow"
In November 1979, no.2 (now), dongfeng company give prize solicitation to factory "factory emblem" call of the design.
After the second automobile has been aware of the importance of logo design. In order to develop the trademark design talents, advanced has selected a group of young worker many art skills to the central academy of arts and crafts (now tsinghua academy of fine arts and crafts) automobile modeling professional studies. YiDeKun working in a car factory products division is one of them, he and a dozen other young people responded positively call for "factory emblem".
2 the brand is "dongfeng" two characters. YiDeKun thinks, no matter in Chinese cummins 4bt characters or letters to represent are not very appropriate, then in addition to the students to know pinyin, adult almost couldn't read the letters, and all are able to identify only graphic logo. But want to directly use graphics to represent "dongfeng", is it difficult to broken YiDeKun.
In constant struggle, swallow by accident appeared in the lithe YiDeKun mind... The swallows were sent by dongfeng, and there is a swallow, there must be the east wind. The swallow represents good fortune, in the spring, also represented by perseverance, balloon, clever and lovely when the swallows fly...
Then, a circle of two swallows fore and aft roaring rotation, has a dynamic meshes, "double swallow" present in YiDeKun figure. Among them, the circle is symbol of rapid rotation of the wheel, and symbol of human habitation; Fly wing to wing of ChunYan soar in high wind, the whole design is a symbol of the rotation of motor rotation movement of the engine and wheels, and a symbol of the no.2 picture design production of dongfeng motor, is at the speed of wind is generally Mercedes global, to serve the people in the world.
Design conception in defense, YiDeKun replied: "no.2 although construction in the mountains, but she must like the birds flying and into the vast, blue sky. The swallows fly freely in the northwest of mountain forest, it is cummins 6l with advanced builder all emotions mascot." This passage, moved the scene all people not only, also make the "double swallow" pattern in collecting works stand out from the crowd.
Soon after, the national administration for industry and commerce trademark office approved the east wind to use "round, with double yan" logo. The pace of the dongfeng has since taken to create brand culture.
Cultural strategy --
Wudang Taoism "and" cultural gene inheritance
On April 18, 2014, dongfeng company officially released "and" cultural strategy, is committed to building "people, cars, nature, social harmony", boost the Chinese dream, achievement of dongfeng dream, continue to development.
From the mountain city of the development of shiyan, wudang mountain, dongfeng company has the rich cultural background, similar mountain are "and" as the core of Taoism culture inheritance gene. With "double swallow" brand identity as the essence, the main body of its cultural strategy includes: "and" the connotation, the concept of "and" system, "and" the action of system, the slogan "and" four cummins isle parts.
The connotation of the east wind "and" is "works together, and yue symbiosis". Works together is the challenge of dongfeng company, viable socgen's cultural pursuit; Repeatedly "symbiosis", is the dongfeng company work by dreams, and enjoy a win-win culture mind. As the supreme state, dongfeng company will actually is dedicated to build "people, cars, nature, social harmony".
The east wind "and" the idea of the system include: dongfeng mission: "let the car drive dream"; Dongfeng vision: to build a sustainable development in one hundred, dongfeng, geared to the needs of the internationalization of the dongfeng, independent development of the east "in the open. Dongfeng spirit: "all rivers run into sea, shelly line"; Dongfeng business philosophy: "concern every one of us, care for every car".
Dongfeng "and" action of the system includes: a center, namely "development"; Five development, namely, "independent development, open development, green development, coordinated development, win-win development".
The east wind "and" Chinese slogans as "dongfeng where, with you"; English slogans as "withyou", identified as red seal shape "and" the word travel model. East wind "and" dongfeng "dry D300" program, dongfeng "lip", etc.
The present China, many enterprises attach importance to cultural construction, but will decide the concept of corporate culture with specific, it rises to a strategic height, such enterprises are rare.
Independent development --
Dongfeng need to culture
Understanding of dongfeng knows that, as a start from shiyan cummins kta38 the mountains, and gradually towards the east wind, back to wuhan with a story that does not say, its cultural strategy has more meaning behind it.
First, the summary of the traditional spirit of "advanced" and sublimation.
From shiyan walked out of the mountains, the east wind has deep simplicity, unity, strength of character. And to sustainable development, facing the complex and changeful market environment and competitive environment, the east wind to the culture of its traditional refining sublimation, rose to a strategic height, with a more generous and open attitude to participate in the competition.
Second, integration symbiosis, is a necessity in the development of the car companies today.
Any enterprise cannot behind closed doors, industrial globalization, require companies to pay more attention to take "and" as this, sincere cooperation. Dongfeng company is a joint venture the longest chain enterprises, China's automobile industry earlier with nissan, Honda, PSA, kia, established a joint venture relationship. Nearly two years, dongfeng and hand T company, Sweden Volvo, Renault, Sweden, Germany, and other world-renowned enterprises. In the face of such a huge international joint venture cooperation, there must be a core of enterprise culture at the head of the joint venture cooperation with multinational companies.
Third, dongfeng large independent need to "and" more expensive.
Dongfeng independent strategy, one of the most important thing, is "together", it is a multi-level and involve many regional autonomous linkage. Big independent "coordination", its essence is "and". Such as fengshen, vogue and grace, three mahayana car brand resources integration and coordination, shiyan and xiangyang commercial vehicle autonomous brand planning and resource allocation, etc., all need dongfeng company adopts excellent "and" means to merge.
Fourth, to cope with the needs of the domestic and international competition clutch parts
Competition of the auto industry, has reached a critical period, eventually will be eliminated in the no market and service consciousness, no solidarity of the enterprise. To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to build a strong corporate culture. Zhu Fushou dongfeng company general manager, said: "any sustained competitiveness of a company, in fact, culture is the first one, because it is deeply rooted in the enterprise operation each link, all areas of the basic concept and behavior."
In the face of the cruel cummins parts market competition, domestic face joint venture cooperation with many multinational companies, dongfeng company needs to "cultural consciousness and cultural confidence".
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