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You must have known more about Callaway X2 Hot

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:40 am    Post subject: You must have known more about Callaway X2 Hot Reply with quote

You must have known more about Callaway X2 Hot (

Every iron the factory turns out is made to a ticket order. Most are in fact custom orders. Others are orders from off-the-rack retailers, reflecting their specific inventory golf clubs are all made to specifications on an order ticket that travels through the assembly line with the components as the "kit" for a set of irons. This is very different from other brand they had assembly lines that made the same club over and over -- then switched to a different club when they had enough.

There are a number of lines for making irons. A kit travels over one of those assembly lines as a unit. The workers are all cross-trained in all facets of iron assembly. They typically work a half-day at one station, break for lunch, and spend the rest of the day at another station. I think Callaway X2 Hot is great for employer-employee relations; it prevents getting bored from doing the same job over and over. And Ping's record confirms this; they have a surprisingly large number of 20- and 30-year employees, both in the factory and the engineering group.

Many models of putter require a shaft with one, two, or even three bends in it. The most common is two bends: one for lie angle and one for offset. How a two-bend putter works is shown at the right.

When building a putter requiring a double-bend shaft (including my current favorite putter), I have to buy a pre-bent shaft. I have to go through callaway apex irons until I find one with the correct bends. Then I have to play with tip length until the bend is exactly right with respect to the center of gravity of the clubhead; otherwise the putter will not be face-balanced.

We need to admit that Ping does it the right way. They have an absolute artist at shaft bending, and he has the proper tool to bend a steel golf shaft. (I don't know how he does without cracking the chrome plating; must be a pretty special shaft to begin with.) The club arrives at his station with the shaft already epoxied to the head. He bends the shaft itself to lie and offset -- per the order ticket, as usual around here.

The PingMan is located inside the engineering building, where one wall of its room rolls away to expose an opening at the south edge of the test range. The room is rather thoroughly instrumented with computers and a Trackman doppler radar tracking system. Originally, the taylormade tour preferred mc 2014 had a grid of buried sensors (think of it as a seismograph network) that could triangulate the location where a ball landed. The Trackman does a better job of determining distance, as well as giving trajectory information -- and not requiring excavation to make repairs. It should be noted this is a dual-Trackman system; there is a second radar unit at the far end of the range, which picks up the ball with more accuracy toward the end of its flight.

Now, you must have known more about Ping. If you like this article, then you will surely love Ping golf. More details can be found on
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